Breaking Gifs

You are probably here because you want to know all about the Breaking Gifs Art Project.

Well you are in the right place, on the Printvengers website we are following the events, twists and turns of the project.

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So what is going on ?

A few weeks ago Paul Scheer, the American comedian and writer started posting information about his new project Breaking Gifs"

After a couple of weeks of posting some very funny animated gif's the site changed to the current layout.
This is now starting to be populated by clues which will lead you to a specific location.

That location maybe online, it may be a real place, but ultimately you will find a URL which will show a new limited edition poster print based on the TV show Breaking Bad.

When you visit the URL you will be able to purchase the poster, but only when the "For Sale" button lights up. This can be any time after the URL is revealed, and as an example the first URL was revealed around 20 hours before the poster went on sale.

Now a word about purchasing the posters, as with all limited art prints there are usually less posters available than people who want to purchase them. If you want a poster the only way to be in with a chance is to watch and refresh the URL page like a hawk until the for sale button is made live.

The chances are you might be disappointed as there really are very limited numbers as it says on the for sale page. If you do get a print then let us know the good news, if you don't get one then commiserate with us, you never know there may be someone here who is willing to swap the poster with another in the series.

Use the comments on this page for a general discussion of the whole series, but we will have individual posts for each set of clues and each poster that goes on sale.

For all the latest information Click Here


Chart 1 - - revealed at the Hood Internet club night at Irving Plaza New York

Chart 2 - Tom Whalen for Hector Salamanca - revealed at ink.sack in LA

Chart 3 - Anthony Petrie for Gus - revealed during the Scott Aukerman Comedy Bang Bang podcast.

Chart 4 - Justin Santora for Wayfarer 515 - revealed at Gallery 1988 in Venice, LA

Chart 5 - Chris Delorenzo for Saul Goodman - revealed at the Nerd Melt event in LA

Chart 6 - Rhys Cooper for Jesse Pinkman - revealed at the RSVP gallery in Chicago

Chart 7 - Jessica Deahl for Los Pollos Hermanos - revealed at Familia Skate Shop in Minneapolis

Chart 8 - Rich Kelly for The Mexican Shootout - revealed at Forbidden Planet in Glasgow, Scotland

Chart 9 - Dave Perillo for Emilio's Disposal - revealed at The Hundreds store in NY and LA

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