About Us

The PRINTVENGERS, that's what we call ourselves. Earth's mightiest F5ers - Gentlemen, what are you prepared to do to get that print?

Welcome to Printvengers, a website dedicated to the limited edition poster print world.

Our mission is to provide information on upcoming posters, assist in people purchasing them by giving advice and support, and to follow poster related TV and Film marketing campaigns. We may even provide the odd review or critique where appropriate and hopefully get some words from the artists themselves.

We aim to be a relaxed, friendly and informal community for everyone to participate in to discuss and swap information about poster prints.

If you have any information or ideas for us then please email or send a tweet, the contact details are on the main page.

Although we will try as hard as possible to be accurate and informative, All of the information provided is given without warranty of guarantee of accuracy.

As you might have gathered from our site name, logo and the mangled quote above that The Avengers movie was an inspiration. The site was named after Steve Zaragoza tweeted at 6:39am (GMT) on May 9th 2012 "The Printvengers #Assemble #F5". As soon as I read that tweet then I knew what I had to do !

The site will probably be initially used by most of the fantastic community of people that were fans and members of the LOSTARGS.com website, however we hope lots more of you will join us for the fun, and yes sometimes heartache, that can be found in the poster print world.

The Printvengers site and twitter account is run by @Zort70 and @MrBenMurphy.