Saturday, 18 April 2015

Wanted - Nerds To Read This Poster

Yesterday at the convention center in Anaheim some more art appeared, this time with a little puzzle element in it.

It may have no relevance to the #ArtAwakens tag, but it is definitely worth sharing, especially with the little twist which tou can read about below. All the photographs were posted by @TK10815 on twitter and the translations are by @0bFuSc8

The big image above says STARWARS.COM, and if you want to translate yourself have a look at Wookiepedia for a guide to the Aurebesh language

What is more interesting about some of the images is that letters appear to be reversed in some cases, is this the start of a hidden message or just a stylistic choice ?

*** Update - the general consensus is that the reversed letters are simply the usual way of denoting capital letters, however there are two sets of numbers 052577 = date of SW: A New Hope release and 3263827 = Garbage compactor on 1st Death Star

These numbers when used as coordinates point to a place in Morocco as pointed out by @Jst_thinking on twitter


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  2. some people believe that the first letter in aurebesh needs to be capitalized in some way by turning it backwards, so if you see backwards aurebesh letter, its just capitalized. witch to me is completely stupid.