Friday, 17 April 2015

A Disturbance In The Force #ArtAwakens

Hello !

We haven't been around for a while, but a small disturbance in the force yesterday prompted us into action.

Assuming you were watching all the fun happening at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim yesterday, and I don't think there were many that weren't, then you would have seen some fantastic news, clips and images from the new Star Wars film - The Force Awakens.

Our keen crew of Printvengers managed to spot two things during all the fun yesterday, first the tweet from our friends at @Gallery1988 simply with the #Tag #ArtAwakens.
Then the picture at the top (posted by @CanadianFanboy on twitter) was spotted in the convention center in Anaheim which if you can see has the same #ArtAwakens tag.

A little investigation reveals that the artist is a Los Angeles graffiti artist called Haste, we can't find a personal website for him, but there are lots of articles online about his work.

This photograph of the mural is from @lomara on Instagram

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