Friday, 11 January 2013

Fringe Benefits Poster 5 and 6 For Sale

The final two posters have been put up for sale on the Fringe Benefits website

Their official titles and episodes are :-

Graham Erwin for EP109 "The Dreamscape"

Joshua Budich for Fringe

Our friends at the Fringe Television website have told us that the glyphs under the final poster spell RESIST

Slightly confusingly the Graham Erwin poster has the URL of P6 and the Joshua Burdich has the URL of P5.

Unfortunately the Joshua Burdich poster has already sold out, but there are still copies available of poster 3 "Earthling", 4 "The Transformation", and 5 "The Dreamscape"


  1. Joshua Budich tweeted that he will be selling his AP copies of print on his site. Subscribe to his mailing list at for email alert prior to drop. Signup is in the upper right hand corner.

    Looks like my FRINGE print is sold out over at 88 ( ). Join my mailing list for AP drop details.