Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fringe Benefits Paley Center Tonight - Final 2 Posters

Update - Our person on the scene, @Comixguru, has sent these two pictures of the final two posters.

They are by Graham Erwin and Joshua Budich and will be available online on the 10th of January, but we do not know what time so keep that F5 button handy.

Don't forget it is the Fringe Benefits show at the Paley Center in LA tonight.

As well as a special screening of episode 5.11 there will be cast and crew members including JJ Abrams in attendance.

The final two posters will be revealed and there may possibly be some for sale at the event.

The rest of us will get to purchase the posters later, but we do not yet know when this might be.

You can follow online by following @paleycenter and also using #PaleyLiveLA to join the discussions.

You can also use the comments here to discuss what is going on.

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