Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Fringe Benefits Project

A few days ago the Gallery 1988 twitter account (@Galleries1988) tweeted this picture of a Fringe hand glyph.

This of course set my Gallery 1988 TV tie in senses tingling :-)

Yesterday the URL - FringeBenefitsProject.com was tweeted which takes you to the website you can see in the screenshot to the left.

On visiting the site you can see there are six spaces with question marks, which will more than likely be for six limited edition silk screened posters.

Below that is a list of episodes that you can vote for, and I think the implication is the winning episode, or possibly episodes, will be represented by a new piece of Fringe art.

The information at the top of the website mentions Mission Continues and the Galleries 1988 twitter account also tweeted this URL - MissionContinues.org/. This website is for a charity that works with veterans and I am guessing that some, or possibly all, of the profits from the sale will go to help charity.

As soon as there are any more details I will let you all know.


  1. Any guesses on who "...some of Gallery1988's most sought-after artists and designers..." are

  2. Any of them ever said that they love Fringe? Or we could ask them!

    Looks like you can go back in an vote as much as you want. I had to vote Brown Betty- who doesn't love a musical episode- with a removable heart.

  3. Would be interesting if our "votes" decided anything at all.. as contracts, work, printing all done in advance of these events.

    I just hit random numbers until one accepted.

  4. Maybe they have someone ready to go on a final print that will be decided by votes?

    But yes, Fringe ending now- so don't see that they would want to sell prints a year from now.