Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mark Englert - Artist Interview

Our intrepid Reporter Ben Murphy made time to contact the most recent Breaking Gifs poster artist and asked a few questions about the series, Breaking Bad and his other art projects.

Q - Mr. Jensen Karp is the mastermind behind Gallery 1988 and Breaking Gifs. Was he the person that contacted you regarding The Breaking Gifs show? How much advance notice/working time did you have?

A - I was actually on vacation when I got the email. I had been in contact with Jensen earlier after a friend of his showed him my first print. While I was away, a spot opened up in the Breaking Bad ARG and he asked if I’d be interested. It’s one of my favorite shows, so I jumped at the chance and completed the print in about 3 half-days of work.

Q - Did you choose the "water-cooler" moment or was it assigned? And if you had the chance to create another print in this series what moment would you have chosen?

A - Jensen said I could do the house, which I thought was perfect. For the style I’ve chosen to pursue with my poster work, it was the best possible aspect of the show for me to work on.

If I had to do another, I suppose I would do Saul’s office.

Q - Were you familiar with Breaking Bad? And did you re-watch episodes for inspiration for key details in the house? What are some of your favorite details about it?

A - I packed in as many details as I could, at one point, I even had the car wash in the background, but it was too much.

Q - Were you restricted/instructed in anyway?

A - Jensen agreed that the car wash was a bit much.

Q - Are there sketches or preliminary drawings that we might see?

A - I didn’t have time to do a sketch, I just went for it.

Q - How do you feel about having your work be at the center of people's lives? What did it feel like to watch the reveal and your print drop? Did Jensen let you know just before your print was revealed, so you could witness the reveal?

A - I’m happy when I see my stuff on people’s walls. It’s a different feeling than when I did comics work, as that stuff is meant to be digested and put aside… posters are really lived with in a way few other art forms are.

I got a bit of a heads up on the drop, Jensen has a LOT to organize and it’s amazing to me that he is able to make it all go as smoothly as it does.

Q - You've mentioned dropping AP's soon. Will you pulls those yourself (or do they come from the same place as the normal drop? Also, a hint as to when they might drop? haha)

A - It’s all part of the same run… I got numbers 250-300.

Breaking Bad

Q - Are you a Breaking Bad fan? If so, how do you like to watch the show?

A - Big fan, I just watch it with the wife.

Q - Favorite BB character(s)?

A - I’d say Walt and Saul.

Q - Any favorite quotes?

A - I’m not sure of any quotes… the moment I knew I’d watch every episode of the show was when the guts fell through the ceiling.

Q -Do you have a favorite moment/episode?

A - See above :P

Your Art

Q - Do you pull your own screens or use outside source?

A - All of my stuff has been printed by Martin Hammond at P&L, except for the Breaking Bad print… I’m not sure where that was done.

Q - For those who are just getting into collecting art prints, what advice would you give to them regarding storage and upkeep that you wish you knew when you started?

A - Getting a flat file made my life a lot easier.

Q - You've mentioned before in other interviews, you collect prints and were at one point camping out for drops and events. What are some of your favorite pieces you own?

A - I love my Olly Moss papercuts… I have Link and the Lost set. One of my very favorite prints is the Gonk droid by Jeff Soto, that one is above my TV.

Q - How did you get into print making?

A - I started as a fan of the art… and being an artist, eventually made the jump into actually making them.

Q - Of all the prints you've done so far, what's been the one you've been most excited to drop?

A - I don’t think anything will beat the first one… although, I am working on one now that I am SO excited for people to see.

Q - What would be your dream print to create for a gallery/studio (tv show, movie, and/or both!)

A - I’d love to do an Indiana Jones series… I also know I have an amazing Ducktales poster in me.

Q - Can you give us any hints of any prints you'll be dropping soon?

A - The next print I’m releasing on my own is based on the work of an author… dreamweaver… visionary… plus actor.

All it remains for us to say is thanks very much to Mark for his time!

You can read more about Mark's work on his blog TacoBelvedere.Com and connect with him on Twitter @MarkEnglert


  1. The first comment has to be a big thanks to Mark for taking the time to answer our questions.

  2. I really enjoy hearing from and about the artists. Thanks for interview!