Monday, 2 July 2012

Chart 10 Clues, There's A Snake In My Boot

@BreakingGifs has tweeted the final location and time details.

As suspected the reveal will be at the Rattlesnake Museum in New Mexico. It wlll take place on Friday 6th of July at 10am MDT

There will be a very limited edition t-shirt give away.

Click for a larger picture of the t-shirt.
Update - @CoedByCody let us know that the clue has been updated to include the letters ABQ.

This more than likely points at Albuquerque in New Mexico and Cody, @kurtisballard and @jst_thinking have pointed us to the Rattlesnakes Museum

Original details

The first clue for the 10th Chart has been posted.

@jst_thinking on Twitter has found the image and it appears to be a stock clipart of a rattlesnake.

@Jst_Thinking also proposed the Rattlesnake Bar and Grill in Boston as a potential location for a reveal.

There was also a comment that the Rattlesnake was a design on the Diablo Brothers Boots in the show, so that is definitely a link.

More information when we have some, please let us know on Twitter (@Printvengers) or in the comments if you have a theory.

The original clue picture


  1. Still revisiting Lost pattern I think, with a reveal at the location of the show.

  2. Looks like it.

    I wonder if any one will be at the museum to report back ?