Sunday, 8 July 2012

Breaking Gifs Comic Con Exclusive Poster

Yesterday the @MichaelAusiello twitter account announced the Breaking Gifs San Diego Comic Con poster. There are more details on the TVLine Website.

Then @BreakingGifs tweeted to say the poster is by Jermaine Rogers

Followed by a tweet from @JensenClan88 to say visitors to Comic Con need to visit booth #405 and that the poster scene is from an episode that has not aired yet in the show.

The TvLine article says that the poster will be on sale on Saturday morning of Comic Con at booth #405.

Whether this means that this will be the next scheduled poster for sale or there will be another regular one before it is unknown.

The poster file name is 12_BreakingBad which implies there might be an 11th poster to be released before this one. The Breaking Gifs website frames page has also been updated to show this poster as separate to the others.

If you are going to SDCC then be sure to report back if you go to the Galleries 1988 booth #405.


  1. So, no online purchase for this one I guess..
    God, I wish I could grab one. I'm so committed to the series that I wouldn't want to miss even that. I know this is random but anyone going to SDCC and is willing to grab an extra one for me I would be so grateful.

  2. I'll ask around and see if anyone can be a SDCC poster buddy.

  3. Thanks Zort. Truth is, I got word a while ago from a friend that he might be able to get me one. It's not 100% sure yet, but he will try. Fingers crossed.

  4. If anyone knows of a Comic-Con buddy, I'll gladly pay a finder's fee on top of the poster cost for this!

  5. Unfortunately, I'm still looking for a poster buddy. I know this is pretty much a last minute notice but turns out my friend wasn't able to snag me one.