Monday, 4 June 2012

RSVP for Chart 6

UPDATE - As suspected the reveal location will be at the RSVP Gallery in Chicago on June 6th at 12pm CST. We know of one person going, but if you are also going let us know in the comments or via Twitter

UPDATE - The clue has been updated to include the letters CHI, we are assuming this is further evidence that the reveal location points towards Chicago.

The sixth chart has been opened on the Breaking Gifs website.

@PatMc4Fun on twitter has been very quick off the mark and suggested that this might be a Chicago based vent by finding these two links -

RSVP Lounge

RSVP Gallery

As always comments are welcome on this post or let us know via Twitter what your thoughts and theories are.

Previous clue picture -


  1. CHI added under RSVP. Looks like @patmc4fun is right on target

  2. Thanks, yes Pat is right on the money as I've seen the reveal location tweet now :-)