Friday, 29 June 2012

Dave Perillo for Emilio's Disposal

The 9th poster in the Breaking Gifs art project is -

Dave Perillo for Emilio's Disposal

The size is 18" X 24"

The URL this is available on is -

Find out more about Dave Perillo by visiting his blog - Dave Perillo's gallery of drawings, doodles & all things weird.

The poster is now sold out, it around 8 minutes to sell out completely.
This is the t-shirt that was given out to the first visitors to The Hundreds store in NY.

@BreakingGifs tweeted that if anyone had problems getting a t-shirt that they should contact them so something could be worked out.

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  1. Hmm, Jesse's messed up eye seems to change from left to right as he goes up the stairs. It's very true to the story though.