Friday, 29 June 2012

Chart 9 Is Open

Update - Yesterday there was some confusion about what was happening.

These tweets appeared from @BreakingGifs sent out the details of the reveal which will be a dual reveal in NY and LA on 29th June.

However the movie and cult website SlashFilm posted details of the poster and URL at around the same time, only to take it down a few minutes later.

Slashfilm then announced they had made a mistake and were 24 hours early with the information.

So as you were, lets wait until the reveal later today for this poster by Dave Perillo

Update - The clue has been updated to include "100".

This seems to mean that The Hundreds is looking more like the venue for the reveal, however it could possibly be a simultaneous reveal in some of the different locations for the store.

On Twitter @tyFFBC has said that the New York store is on Grand street so it does look more likely that a dual release is in prospect.

Update - @Weinbeezy has sent us a link to "The Hundreds" which lists itself as a Social Merchandising Company", the link is that the address of the store in LA is on Rosewood Avenue.

The first clue for Breaking Gifs Chart 9 has been posted.

No idea what "Grand Rosewood" means yet, but when we know more we will let you know.

If you have any information post in the comments or send us a message on Twitter - @Printvengers

The original clue

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