Monday, 11 June 2012

Chart 7 - Skate 612

Update - The confirmation of the Famillia Skateshop in Minneapolis has been given.

11am CT on 13th of June

Update - The word Family has been added to the clue which further enhances the theory below about the Familia Skate Shop.

Chart 7 has opened on the website.

A skateboard and the number 612.

As 612 is an area code for Minneapolis the focus of the search for a location has turned there.

@PatMc4Fun has theorised that this reveal could be at the Familia Skateshop

More updates as we get them

Original clue image


  1. yeah i agree it is something to do with that skate shop. they just added family to it!

  2. Thanks for the update :-)

    Now who do we know in Minneapolis ?

  3. ha im trying to find someone. my only guess is Todd Bratrud may have designed it. i went to all his websites and couldn't find it anywhere.

    i have to get this next poster!

  4. Interesting, is there any reason you think Todd may be the next artist ?

  5. Ok, just did a search and I see the fairly obvious link now !