Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mondo - Dark Shadows by Ghostco

Update - Dark Shadows is sold out.

Today at a random time Mondo will be releasing their Dark Shadows. The print is by Ghostco, a 24"x36" screen print edition of 270. Price is $45 plus shipping.
Follow Mondo on Twitter at @MondoNews. Or you can just F5 the main Mondo site for hours until the release (It's what I do! haha)
Comment if you are going for one/manage to get one! Good luck and namaste!


  1. This is now on sale and hasn't sold out immediately !

    So if you want it get in quick.

  2. I told you to be quick, it has now sold out.

  3. Dang if only I didn't sleep through my alarm this morning lol

  4. I managed to get one, which is going to my Nephew.