Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Deja Vu All Over Again

Can lightning strike in the same place twice ?

Who could even be brave enough to try ?

Well it seems Paul Scheer is trying ! Having finished his obsession with LOST Paul's new muse is Breaking Bad.

For the last few weeks Paul has been blogging about "Breaking Gifs", basically animated GIF's that celebrate the Breaking Bad TV show.

Now the website has been updated in what can only be described as a Deja Vu moment.

For anyone that followed the LOST ARG's blog this format seems very familiar indeed.


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Weeeeee! (actually I feel a little sick)

  3. That's because your avatar is a B. Can you fix that please? ;) Hello. Go to the next post.

    1. I just now saw this...hardy har har. Maybe I like the "b" ;P

  4. Forgot the adrenaline rush! LOL!

    Got mine! xxx314 ... and wife got hers: xxx368

    I know Andalone had lowest I saw with xxx224. Anyone lower?