Sunday, 20 May 2012

Daniel Danger - My Name Is Walter HartWell White

So Breaking Bad fans who's on board with the art project ?

Well if you are unsure about the TV show then you probably won't be unsure about the first poster. Daniel Danger is a name to conjour with in the limited edition print world so it was a great reveal for the poster buying community.

All the photographs of the first poster were kindly sent to us by PatMc (@PatMc4Fun)

The poster sold out in around 17 minutes on the URL, which going by a certain previous poster series and some recent high profile print sales is quite a long time, however given that this was the first one and people had to get used to the ordering system it is quite impressive really.

I am more than happy for the sales to take a while as it relieves a little of the stress of the for sale sign going live.

So to the print itself, as you can see from this image the poster has a title caption as with all Daniel Danger prints, and this is usually the true title of the poster.

The title used on the Breaking Gifs website is not always what the artist would use.

The main subject of the poster is the mobile lab camper van in a desert sunset / sunrise scene.

Incidentally you can read more about Daniel Danger on his website Tiny Media Empire and follow Daniel on Twitter - @TinyMediaEmpire

As usual with a Daniel Danger print there is some fantastic detail and shading shown despite the limited colour screen print process used.
The posters are all individually numbered and signed and this time, as there is no relevance to "The Numbers", the lower numbers are being shipped first.

I have even seen reports of single figure numbers being received.
Finally as an interesting thing to note another screen print artist, Tim Doyle (MrDoyle.Com, had previously created a Breaking Bad poster on a similar line.

I include it here just to compare the different approaches, it is not yet know if Mr Doyle will be involved in this series but stay tuned to Printvengers to find out.

Update - Having read this article Tim has tweeted to say that he will not be involved in the Breaking Bad poster series.

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