Monday, 28 May 2012

Chart 5 - Clues

The Breaking Gifs hub page has been updated with a clue for Chart 5.

We still think that as previously theorised the next reveal will be at the NerdMelt event on Tuesday 30th May.

The image in the picture is the logo of Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani who will be hosting the event.


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  2. It's definitely the Meltdown Show that @goodmanw found and tweeted last week.

    The image posted The Meltdown Show's logo (Jonah Ray's glasses and Kumail Nanjiani's hair) as designed for a poster by Dave Kloc (@KmanWorldwide)

    Each week, The Meltdown Show has original artwork on sale, usually created by Dave Kloc (though I've seen pics from other designers too):

    There was this TARDIS themed poster last month.

    I don't think "Tyson" would have Kloc design the actual Breakinggifs print, though it is a possibility. Either way, there should be a separate Breakinggifs themed Meltdown poster available for purchase at the event itself.

    LA peeps should try to get out there for this one, it will be a lot of fun. Reminds me of the UCB-LA LOST event.

  3. I tweeted DAve Kloc asking about Meltdown Show BB poster and he confirmed:

    @KmanWorldwide: @0bFuSc8 I'm finishing up the art tonight! I'll have them for the show Wednesday. They will be 100 Breaking Bad themed.

    So people going to the Meltdown Show Wednesday will be able to buy this on site. I'm not completely sure of the size, but I think they are usually smaller and have liked some of the past ones I've seen.

  4. Nice! Thanks Ob! I might need a poster buddy if the poster goes live before I can make it home. Let me know if anyone's available :)

  5. Could someone please DM me the URL when it happens? Just have to hope the For Sale doesn't go live until we're all awake again tomorrow...

  6. ChrisL - what's your twitter? (sorry, I'm following so many people, I don't remember who's who). I'll try to DM you.

    Also, I just noticed the post here says Tuesday, but it's actually today (Wed)