Thursday, 10 May 2012

Buy/Sell Prints

The Buy/Sell print page has been moved to here:


  1. my DD BB is available for someone.

  2. My problem is the only LOST print's I didn't get are the most popular/expensive ones. Makes trading hard -_-

  3. You can list them. Which one's are you looking for?

  4. I don't have anything to trade right now, but I would LOVE a Stout Avengers, also a Mondo Toy Story.

  5. Hi, I'm new to the blog. I remember a few of these names from the LOST ARG days. I have a bunch of posters that I'm willing to sell (including a number of LOST prints). You can find a few of them below, and can contact me at for any further information and any other posters I might have. Thanks.
    Ken Taylor - Clash of the Titans
    Daniel Danger - Cowboys & Aliens (Wood Variant)
    Kevin Tong - Hugo (Variant)
    Tyler Stout - Iron Man 2 (Silver Variant)
    Tom Whalen - Rango
    Billy Perkins - The Godfather
    Phantom City Creative - The Princess Bride
    Martin Ansin - The Wolf Man
    Aaron Horkey - True Grit
    LOST Posters by M. Brady Clark, Dr. Mikey, Guy Burwell, Branden Otto, Jeff Boyes, Tara McPherson, Ken Taylor, Leia Bell, Little Friends of Printmaking, JJ Harrison, Andrew Hawryluk (and maybe I could be persuaded to sell an Olly Moss or Daniel Danger print).