Sunday, 20 May 2012

Breaking Gifs - Print 3 is Anthony Petrie for Gus

The print is now SOLD OUT!
After being tweeted by the official Breaking Bad twitter and posted by the official facebook page, the print sold out (most likely caused by the BB fans who were unaware of Breaking Gifs until the tweet/facebook post.)

The new link for Print 3 of the Breaking Gifs show is Gus by Anthony Petrie.

The poster does include a spoiler, so if you haven't watch the show yet and want to avoid spoilers, DON'T CLICK THE LINK!

The print is an 18 by 24 edition print.

As it is a spoiler we don't want to display the image openly, but if you want to see it you can click the link below.

Poster 3 - Click to reveal


  1. Ok daft question time, how did the link get published ?

    I Can see the link on the main BG page takes you to the hub, but has the URL as the address.

    Quite confusing.

  2. I heard it in the podcast- is that spoiler page the issue?

  3. It seems the URL went live in place of the hub page link late last night / early this morning (depending on your location)

    The main page was then changed back later on so it linked to the hub again.

    I think the URL is supposed to be live now so the sale could start any time soon.

    Not that I'm going to go for this one. I can appreciate the art, but I would never want to display it at home.

  4. Could someone please post if/when the print sells out? Would love to know how long it takes.

  5. Still not sold outthis morning

  6. For the record it went up for sale around 19:15 (gmt) on Moday 21 May

  7. They put a link to the print up on the BB Facebook page. think it may be sold out now.

  8. As @TheBlotSays already tweeted, the 1st clue for Chart 4 is up.

    It's a bowler/derby hat followed by " X 212 "

    I haven't been able to make much of it, except that I think I've found the pic used here

    The thing is it's from a photographer's blog, in a random post about how he's learning to use Illustrator and finally created a realistic illustration of a bowler hat. So I doubt the blog/blogger is of any relevance.

    Since the image only comes up if you search with the term "bowler" (or "bowler hat") and the post itself is tagged "bowler hat", I'd take this first clue to be mean bowler/bowler hat X 212.

    1. There's always the possibility Jensen created the pic himself in Illustrator, but I doubt it.