Friday, 18 May 2012

Breaking Gifs - Chart 3

UPDATE - This was just posted on Twitter, as suspected the URL will be revealed on the @ComedyBangBang podcast by Scott Aukerman (@ScottAukerman) and special guest, who is likely to be Paul Scheer.

Chart 3 is now up! Thanks to user ObFuSc8, here's what this new image means.

"The pic is part of the logo from Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! Podcast.
I'm guessing the reveal will either be at UCB-LA or online.
Aukerman has live CBB shows every Tuesday at UCB-LA at 8:30PM.
CBB podcast is on Earwolfk."

More information will be posted as it is revealed!


  1. I see we have some action.

    Good work everyone.

  2. I've added a quick update to the post, the Breaking Gifs twitter posted the information and it isn't on the hub page yet.

  3. EB is speculating Rich Kelly as artist. Looked him up- and 6 months ago he watched all of BB in one week and did a Walt portrait, according to his site. Sounds like he was doing homework.

  4. So they seem to have had it on Slashfilm for an hour, and say Petrie is a newcomer, but this might be a good ground floor print to get from him.